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Articles by Amiya Moretta

Prone to wander, we lead lives that often leave us lost- feeling our way through the darkness, the heartache, the let downs, the loss. Hope is the light that beckons us forward on those dark days or weeks or months or years when we are left to feel our way through it all. 

When it comes to giving, we often feel that unless we have a certain amount of “extra” left over, we don’t have anything to offer. We search for spare change, spare food, and even spare time, and find all too often, we have nothing to spare. 

Anaheim Police department is mourning with the Abilene Police Department and family for the death of Detective Elise Ybarra, 33, who was raised in Anaheim and graduated from Anaheim High School where she was an All-American cheerleader, track star, and amazing singer.