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Articles by Brady Rhoades

Mark this one on your calendars.

It's a sight to behold, a concert to the ears, and one of the great, historical traditions in Vietnamese culture.


Westminster native Dr. Albert V. Vela has published a book titled TRACKS to the Westminster Barrio: 1902-1960s.

It’s a mystery wrapped in a perplexity shrouded in an enigma.

Why the heck did Westminster Councilman Tyler Diep drop out of the race for the 72nd Assembly seat after out-fundraising all of his opponents, to the tune of $135,000?

His explanation to local media is that, and I’m paraphrasing here, that there was no longer a strategic advantage to running because two other Vietnamese-Americans – Garden Grove City Councilman Joseph Dovhin and OC Board of Education member Long Pham – are in the race.


About halfway through the 162-game season, the hottest team in baseball is smack dab here in Orange County.

The Angels are sizzling but unlike the Icarus from Greek mythology, their wings ain’t made of wax and they’re not going into a tailspin anytime soon.